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Easy Money

November 19th, 2006 at 05:35 am

By entering a certain Dept store (Bealls) by a certain time (first 200 shoppers after 8:00am Sat)my wife and I received one $5 and one $10 off coupon. Since we bought (on sale) Christmas gifts on our list and then saved $15, I was pleased with the effort. We also got free gift wrapping to boot.

My wife loves (and I despise) the Friday after Thanksgiving sales. She usually has a very successful shopping time and somehow seems to enjoy it.

and Now You Know

November 18th, 2006 at 08:04 am

0) My blog name is Spendless. NOT to be confused with Stressless (which I often get confused when I see said entries and I can't recall writing them because I didn't......whatever?)

1) I was born and raised in Memphis (20 plus years) and never once visited Graceland...and probably never will.

2) I was extremely sensitive as a child. I cried at least once a day in school grades one thru four. Not sure why, but finally out grew it.

3) I had a crew cut or flat top haircut thru sixth grade (maybe why I cried so much...ha).

4) I always received above average grades without a great deal of effort throughout H.S.

5) An exception to #4 was /French class...I passed with a C -

6) I did not serve in the military. In my 18th year the military became all voluntary. I now regret not having served. Many opportuities to grow up and mature as an adult were lost.

7) I was voted Mr. (insert High School name here) in my Senior year of High School. I was somewhat shy, and certainly not outgoing or charming; but I was a "genuine friend to all". Perhaps that influenced the selection process, hmmmm. I never quite understood how that one worked out.

8) I completed a double Associate's degree from a Technical school, but did not pursue my BS or beyond. That is a decision that I regret to this day.

9) I married at the age of 24. I became a step-dad to a wonderful daughter. She accepted me as Dad from day 1 and we have a wonderful relationship to this day. She is the mother of my two grandkids.

10) Within year one of marriage, my wife gave birth to "our" first child. She was the most compliant child I have ever known. She is currently pregnant with her first child (my third grand child).

11) Daughter's three and four are currently in their junior / senior years of college. Neither is currently married nor engaged.

12) My wife is a perfect compliment for me. I see her life mirrored in my four daughters and am exceptionally proud of that.

13) I am a Quality Engineer for a Defense Contractor.

14) Although not currently active, my hobbies have included puppetry and ventriloquism.

15) I raised my family in a church setting and we follow the teachings of God (the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).

16) I lived 20 years in the Dallas Tx metroplex. Got to enjoy the era of the 90's of the Dallas Cowboys and the Triplets (Troy, Emmitt, and Michael) for those sport minded readers.

17) Have lived 6 plus years in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and know way more about hurricanes than I ever thought I would.

18) I adjust rather easily to changes in my life. I tend to enjoy life for the moment, realizing it's brevity.

19) I am behind the eight ball in regards to my financial planning for the future, but i'm working at it.

20) I enjoy reading these blogs...both for the financial gleanings as well as the "tolerance level" for acceptance within this DIVERSE group.

Sold my extra Truck

November 5th, 2006 at 12:27 pm

I sold my extra truck to my FIL. I did not have to invest any money into selling the truck, and he got a good deal too. So we both came out OK.

Probably could have gotten more $$ if I had sold online, but I was also spending money on insuring a vehicle that I was not even driving. And now, the driveway has an extra parking space in it.