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Created Virtual Money Jar

March 6th, 2006 at 03:25 pm

I created a virtual money jar using excel spread sheet. I enter amounts saved, found, not spent on a daily basis.

Any daily savings will be recorded into this location, and on a weekly basis I will move the comparable amount of "real" money from my checking account to make payments on my CC balance.

Since I have online access to my CC and can schedule online payments, I will make extra payments from my virtual money jar weekly totals.

This will keep me "actively" pursuing my goal to retire CC debt by end of 2006.

Today's VMJ total was $3.75.

2 Responses to “Created Virtual Money Jar”

  1. DivaJen Says:

    I've been something similar. Since I use my cc for most everything and rarely spend cash, my real change jar doesn't fill up very often anymore. So I've been rounding up all of my cc purchases to the nearest dollar and depositing that "change" into my ING account once or twice a month.

    Hope it works well for you. Smile

  2. retire@50 Says:

    I do something similar too. I use a spreadsheet to track the categories of extra money too, since I find it interesting to see what's accumulating. I track rebates, loose change, half.com sales, surveys, interest, CC rewards, etc.

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